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Work Environment

Tri-Q offers a great work environment for all employees, providing flexible work hours when needed and much more.

Learning Experiences

When working at Tri-Q you will have a chance to learn a lot of different rolls, giving you a more rounded experience.

Awesome Support

Here at Tri-Q we provide Awsome Support to all our employees, and try make all employees feel like they are family.

Tri-Q is a mature not - for- profit incorporation, that was established in 1994 with the mission of providing employment and training opportunities to people with a disability and/or other disadvantaged job seekers, in the Mackay and Hinterland regions.

Tri-Q achieves its mission through operating self sustaining commercial businesses. Tri-Q is managed by a volunteer board of directors. Tri-Q operates on a commercial business footing and we are self funded that means we rely on business turn over to generate the revenue as we do not receive any government funding.





What we as a company have achived and What we are doing now.

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The Present

Bayersville Resource Recovery Centre

Bayersville Resource Recovery Centre

The Beginning Venture


Moranbah Project

Going West

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Boxs Lots

The next venture.

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